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This chapter shows you the main functions of PHP-Code Elements which can be used. The Introduction in PHP-Code will help you to integrate all PHP functions for your questionnaire.

At the very end of this page will be a helpful information how the documentation of the PHP-functions can be read: Function in Detail

Basic fuctions for filtering, questions and text

See also filter questions und filters.

Modify How to Display a Questionnaire Page

Functions for Randomization

SoSci Survey supports several functions for random sampling or random group assignment (Randomization).

Advanced programming

Databank for Contents

Analysis of all data

Analyses and Data Handling During an Interview

Data Visualization

Respondent and Mailing Management

PHP-internal functions

PHP provides a number of helpful functions, which can easily be used during questionnaire PHP Manual documented.

Detailed functions

Reference-syntax for each function, e.g.:

void set(mixed Value, [string Memory])

This reference-syntax describes the argumentation of functions and it's data type.