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array getQuestions(string sectionID)

The function getQuestions() returns a list of all question IDs in a particular section.

  • sectionID
    The two-figure ID of a section

Return Value

The function returns an array with complete questions IDs as e.g.

array('AB01', 'AB02', 'AB04')

If no section exists with the specified sectionID, an empty array will be returned.


The following PHP code shows all questions of a section one below the other (on one page).

$questions = getQuestions('AB');
// Returns e.g. AB01, AB02, AB04, AB05
foreach ($questions as $qID) {

The following PHP code shows all questions in a section with each one on a separate page (see PHP function loopPage()).

$questions = getQuestions('AB');
$i = loopPage(count($questions));

And the following PHP code selects 4 questions from section “AB” at random and shows these on different pages.

// Create the random list once only
if (!isset($questions)) {
  $all = getQuestions('AB');
  $questions = array_slice($all, 0, 4);
// Each show a question
$i = loopPage(4);
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