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SoSci Survey is a professional tool for your online survey. It is extremely flexible and efficient. There is no need to install any software. SoSci Survey is running on a survey server, i.e. SoSciSurvey.de, and is handled through your internet browser.

Companies, organizations and universities may host SoSci Survey on their own server (Installation on a web server, Pricing and Fees).

Tip: The Quick Start contains a 10-20 minute guide through SoSci Survey. The Video Tutorials will explain this with more details. If you need more complex features (e.g., filter questions) later, this instructions manual will provide more details.

Tip: This manual is a wiki. You are welcome to optimize the texts (readability, examples, etc.) and add solutions (filter questions, question layout, etc.). Simply login with your SoSci password and Improve the Manual.

Instructions Manual

Quick Start

Find Solutions

Download User Manual

The SoSci Survey User Manual is available as ZIP download. To read the offline version, extract the ZIP file to any folder on your computer and start manual.EN.html. Please note that SoSci Survey is often updated and only the online manual may include the latest changes.

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