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Search the Manual

At the top right of the manual you'll find a search field. Insert one or more keywords and click Search. The search doesn't distinguish between upper and lower case.

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Note: If there is no search field, you probably work with a local copy of the manual. Please change to Online Manual to use the search.

If you insert multiple keywords in the search field, only those sites that contain all the keywords are found. You can refine the search as follows:

  • Boolean operators (AND, OR)
    Normally the manual searches sites that contain all keywords (AND) – with OR you can define that all those sites will be searched that contain at least one of the keywords. Instead of OR you can also use the vertical bar (|) (e.g. pictures OR texts, pictures | texts)
  • Exclude words (-)
    Use (-) before one of the words to exclude sites that contain that keyword (z.B. randomisation -urns)
  • Partial terms (*)
    Normally the manual searches only whole words. By using the search term place, you'll find only those sites that contain place or Place but none that contain placeholder. Use an asterisk (*) to search with partial terms (e.g. place*)
  • Exact phrases (")
    By using quotation marks, you can define that only those sites will be found that contain the keywords in their exact order (e.g. "sending serial mails")
  • Searching within a part of the manual (@)
    By using the AT sign (@), you can define which part of the manual is searched. If, for example, you want to search only within the German part of the manual, you can put @de behind the search term (e.g. next @de)
  • Grouping search terms (brackets)
    By using brackets, you can group search terms. This is especially helpful if you're combining Boolean operators (e.g. randomisation AND (urns* OR chance*))
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