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string getRoute()

By using getRoute(), how the participant came to be on the current page in the questionnaire can be determined. Possible return values are:

  • 'start' – The questionnaire has just begun. This is the first page the participant is presented with (and also shown for the first time).
  • 'next' – The participant clicked on the “Next” button and thus proceeded to the next (current) page.
  • 'back' – The participant clicked on the “Back” button and thus returned to the previous (current) page.
  • 'repeat' – The current page has already been shown and is now redisplayed (e.g. because a compulsory question was left unanswered).
  • 'jump' – The respondent got to this page by using a navigation button (buttonToPage()).


  • Do not try to implement a counter through a combination of getRoute() and registerVariable(), which repeats a page multiple times. Instead, use loopPage(), loopToPage(), or setPageOrder().
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