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void redirect(string URL, [boolean continue])

The function redirect() leads the participant directly to the specified internet address (URL).

  • URL
    Internet address that the participant should be redirected to. Placeholders can be used in the URL, for example in order to continue with a panel ID (Working with External Panel Providers).
  • continue
    If no other parameters are specified apart from the URL, the interview will be terminated with the command (FINISHED=1). This is particularly useful if you want to quote the participants and use the function statistic() to do so. If true is specified as the second parameter, the respondent can continue the questionnaire later on the following (!) page.

Note: redirect should always be by itself on a questionnaire page. Although other commands (e.g. a question) put before this command are executed, nothing is shown. Commands that are put after the redirect() are ignored completely.

Note: If the second parameter is not specified or set to false, the questionnaire is marked as completed. This means that the dataset is counted by the function statistic() for example.

Note: In order to ensure that a survey can be continued at a later point in time, the other internet page must not only send the participant back, but also transfer the interview ID (please refer caseToken() and %caseToken%). For example, – a subsequent call up via personalized link with authorization code is also possible.

Tip: If the participant uses another internet page in the meantime and subsequently should return to the questionnaire, the other internet page can also send data besides the the interview ID (see above). This can be read on the page after the redirect() by using a question Device and Request Variables.


redirect('http://www.panel.tld/quotaout.php?panelID=%reference%', false);
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