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void setLanguage(string languageCode)

Sets the language the questionnaire will be shown in in a Multilingual Survey with immediate effect. This function is useful if you want to change the language in the questionnaire depending on, for example, a filter question.

  • languageCode
    Each language code consists of 3 letters, as specified in [[|ISO 639-2] (bibliographic versions). In multilingual projects, the relevant abbreviations are stated under Language VersionsLanguage Administration.


Note: It makes sense to insert this function and the respective filter at the very top of a page in the questionnaire. If the function in used between questions, the questions above will appear in the previous language, and the following questions in the new one.

Tip: If you just want the participant to be able to change the language, activate the option Show buttons to change the questionnaire language in Compose Questionnaire –> Settings tab.

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