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void debug(mixed object)

The function debug() conveniently shows the project manager the content of a PHP or data variable or a placeholder in debug mode. This is particularly helpful when monitoring filters and, as the case may be, as Problem Solutions for Filters

Note: The content of the respective variable is only shown if the questionnaire is started in debug mode Start Questionnaire in Debug Mode.

  • object
    • The ID of a data variable or a placeholder, or
    • A PHP variable (Variables)


// Display response before the filter for the selection AB01 is executed
if (value('AB01') == 2) {
// Placeholders
$random = random(1,10);
if ($random == 1) {
  replace('%category%', 'employee');
} else {
  replace('%category%', 'superior');
// Show PHP variable
$itemlist = getItems('AB09', 'min', 2);

Display Debug Information

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