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answersOption() allows for the modification of the presentation of questions by answers() and answersPrint().

void answersOption(string Option, mixed Setting)

  • Option
    The possible options are listed below. The possible values for Setting vary according to the respective option.
    • 'spacing' – space below a question (Default: 'default')
      • 'default' – default space
      • <Number> – space in pixels
    • 'show-title' – displaying the title of the question (Default: 'yes')
      • 'yes' – Yes, display the title of the question
      • 'no' – No, hide the title of the question
    • 'show-explanation' – displaying the explanation of the question (Default: 'no')
      • 'yes' – Yes, display the explanation of the question
      • 'no' – No, hide the title of the explanation
    • 'show-items' – Should all items or options be displayed (Default: 'selected')
      • 'all' – display all items or options
      • 'selected' – display only those items of a question which have been answered OR display only those options which have been selected
      • 'ifany' – display questions only if at least one answer is given, else as 'selected'
    • 'symbol-selected' – The symbol that shall be used for selected options (Default: ) – some possible symbols can be found at
    • 'symbol-unselected' – The symbol that shall be used for options that have not been selected (Default: )
    • 'text-no-answer' – The Text that should be displayed if no answer has been selected


Important: An option selected by answersOption() only pertains to cues of answers() and answersPrint(), that take place on the same page of the questionaire and the respective answersOption().

Tip: Use answersOption() between single cues of answers() to display single questions differently (see example below).


answersOption('show-explanation', 'yes');
answersOption('spacing', 60);
answersOption('show-explanation', 'no');
answersOption('show-items', 'all');
answersOption('show-explanation', 'no');
answersOption('show-items', 'selected');
answersOption('text-no-answer', 'n/a');
answersOption('symbol-selected', '◉');
answersOption('symbol-selected', '◯');
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