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The function answers() shows the participant's responses to an individual question. A print preview of the questionnaire can be created with the help of this function.

void answers(string questionID, [array items])

  • questionID
    The 4-figure question ID to be displayed.
  • items (optional)
    Show only some of the items or options (those with the item identifiers listed here). Please see the notes on answersOption() below.


Note: The function answers() is still under development. Up to this point, it only supports selected question types (selection, text input, fully labeled scale among others). The question display in print preview can still be changed in the further stages of development.

Note: By default, answers() only shows items that have been answered – or in a selection question – only options that have been selected. Use answersOption() to adjust this.

Note: A respondent's answers can only be shown after they have been transmitted to the survey server using the “Next” button. Therefore, do not use the answers() function on the same page as the question is asked.

Tip: Use answersPrint() in order to show multiple, or all questions in the questionnaire.


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