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string getItemtext(string questionID, int item) string getItemtext(string ItemID)

An item's or option's label can be determined with this function – e.g. to use the text in another question or to display in the print view for the participant. The function can also determine the text in the question.

  • questionID
    Question ID, e.g. “AB01”
  • item
    • <n> – ID of an item in this question, e.g. 2 for item “AB01_02”
    • 'question' – Question's title
    • 'explanation' – Question's explanation
  • ItemID
    The identifier of an item, e.g. “AB01_02”.
    Instead of specifying question identifier and item separately, the item identifier can also be entered directly.

Note: selection questions it is often easier to use the function value() with 'text' or 'free' as the second parameter (compare example 1).

Example 1

In the following example, question “AB01” is a lengthier drop-down selection (on page 1 in the questionnaire). The respondent selects his favourite television program. The question is set so that the respondent must give a response. The title of the program will be shown in question “AB02”. Thus, “AB02” has a placeholder %title% in the question title.

In order for the placeholder to display the title, the selected title has to be identified initially with getItemtext() , and set up as placeholder with replace(). The following PHP code is put on page 2 or later on:

$selection = value('AB01');  // respondent's selection (answer code = item)
$title = getItemtext('AB01', $selection);
replace('%title%', $title);  // set up placeholder
question('AB02');  // ask question AB02

The function value() can also be used with the respondent's free text input (“Other: …”). Other than that, the following PHP code returns the same result as the PHP code above.

$title = value('AB01', 'free');  // Respondent's selection as text
replace('%title%', $title);  // Set up placeholder
question('AB02');  // Ask question AB02

Example 2

At the end of the questionnaire, the participant should be shown his responses to selected items in question “AB02” (a fully labeled scale). The following PHP code determines the labels (item text) and responses (as text) for items 2, 4, 6 and 8, and displays this in a HTML table.

$html = '<table cellspacing="0" cellpadding="2" border="1">';
foreach ($item in array(2,4,6,8)) {
  $itemtext = getItemtext('AB02', $item);
  $response = value('AB02_'.$item, 'text');
$html.= '</table>';
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