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string getValueText(string variable, int answercode, [string format]))

The function getValueText() returns the verbal response (label) to an answer code. For a selection question, this is the text of the corresponding selection option (also determined with getItemtext()). For a scale, the label (verbal anchorage) of the corresponding point on the scale is returned.

  • variable
    ID of the variable for which the label shall be generated.
  • answercode
    (Numeric) answer code, whose verbal equivalent shall be generated.
  • format (optional)
    • 'text' (standard) The label is returned as it appears in the questionnaire, placeholders are replaced.
    • 'label' The label is returned as saved in the list of questions.

If no label exists for the answercode (e.g. for the intermediate value in a scale where only the extremes are labeled), the answer code is returned.

Tip: The function value() returns the verbal representation of a response, if you specified 'text' as the second parameter.

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