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void library(string id)

The function library() embeds the JavaScript- or (if defined on the Server) PHP-Library including the defined identifier id in the questionnaire-site and makes it available for scripts.

  • id
    identifier of the embedded library
    • 'jQuery' – jQuery, comprehensive JavaScript Standard-Library
    • 'Velocity' – Velocity.js, Animation of HTML-Elements
    • 'SCEditor' – SCEditor, is able to extend string gadgets with a WYSIWYG Editor, so participants can format their inputs.
    • 'ChartJS' – ChartJS, generates dynamic diagramms through JavaScript.


Server-Administrators can define further libraries inside the file /system/config.php. To e.g. embed the JavaScript-file plugins/SomeScript/somescript.js with the identifier SomeScript, please add at the end of the configuration:

  'libraries' => array(
    'SomeScript' => 'plugins/SomeScript/somescript.js'
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