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The function goToParent() redirects the respondent back to the questionnaire (and record) from which he was redirected to the current questionnaire using goToQuestionnaire().

void|string goToParent([string Mode], [mixed Data])

The function either redirects the respondent directly to the parent questionnaire or (if 'url' mode is used) returns the URL with which the respondent can return to the parent questionnaire.

  • Mode (optional)
    • 'leave' – (default) Complete the child interview and return to the parent questionnaire.
    • 'go' – Return to the parent questionnaire (a later continuation of the subordinate interview on the following page is possible).
    • 'url' – Return only the URL of the parent interview. This URL can be integrated e.g. by Placeholders as a link or button on the questionnaire page (also in the layout). The URL remains the same on all pages of the subordinate questionnaire, so a placeholder may only need to be prepared once at the beginning.
  • Data (optional)
    Optionally, data can be transferred to the parent questionnaire and used there via goToResponse().

Note: If the current interview was not started by goToQuestionnaire() an error is displayed.

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