Video Tutorials

Part 1: Introduction

  • What is SoSci Survey?
  • Free Use for Research
  • Register a Survey Project

Details in the online manual and on the website:

Part 2: Getting Started with SoSci Survey

  • The User Interface (GUI)
  • The List of Questions
  • Composing the Questionnaire
  • Collaborative Working

Details in the online manual:

Part 3: Questions

  • Question Categories & Types
  • Adjust Question Presentation
  • Probe Missing Responses
  • Advanced Question Variants
    (Combine and Integrate Multiple Questions)

Details in the online manual:

Part 4: Proper Testing

  • Preview and Debugging
  • Print View an Preview URLs
  • Valuable Pretests
    Online Pretest & Face-to-Face Pretest
  • Technical Operation Test

Details in the online manual: