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Shared Access to Projects

Do you want several people be able to work on one project? Multiple user accounts can be assigned to a project in order to do so. Only the login names (user names) of the other accounts are needed to set this up.

  1. In the menu, choose Survey ProjectProject SettingsAuthorise
  2. In Grant access to user write the login name of the user who is allowed to access the project and confirm this (below) with OK.
  3. SoSci Survey assigns the project to the specified user account and grants access rights to the user. The user will now see the project in My Account as if it were his own.
  4. Adjust the rights of the user (e.g. to edit questions or to download data). In order to grant the user the same access rights that you have, select the options. Reconfirm with OK.

Remove Own Access

The user can leave the project that they were granted access to. Simply click on the red arrow (Button: Leave project) in your user account.

Tip: If you have granted another user complete access to the survey project (checked all the boxes), you are also able to leave the project yourself. This means a project can be transferred from one user account to another.

Remove Another User's Access Rights

Have you granted access to a project for another user and want to remove these rights? Simply delete the access rights in Project SettingsAuthorizations (Button: Delete).

Remove Project Access

Working on a Questionnaire Simultaneously

In principle, multiple users can work on one project at the same time. However, they should not be able to work on the same questions at the same time, because one user may overwrite any changes that the other user implemented:

  1. Numbered list items user A opens a question for editing
  2. User B opens the same question for editing
  3. User A changes the question title in the form
  4. User A savers their changes
  5. The old question title will still be displayed to user B (as the question was opened before user A saved their changes), they change the explanation
  6. User B saves their changes and overwrites the changes made my user A in doing so

This problem does not normally occur when working in the questionnaire (Compose Questionnaire). Nevertheless, we do not recommend making changes to the questionnaire at the same time, as the changes the other user made will not immediately be visible to the other person.

Tip: In order to update the list of available questions in Compose Questionnaire, use the button Update List.

Tip In order to display changes to the questionnaire yourself, refresh the page in the browser (Reload, Update, F5 button or click on Compose Questionnaire in the menu).

Project Management

Each survey project has a project leader – in the Project SettingsAutorise marked by a small yellow crown next to the name.

To take over the project management, a user must have all approvals (checkmarks) for the project. If this condition is met, a button with a small gray crown will appear next to the name. If this condition is met, a button with a small gray crown will appear next to the name.

Release project - project lead

If the current project leader leaves the survey project, another user automatically becomes the project leader.

Billing and Functions

Project management is primarily responsible for billing and program functions:

  • In the survey project, specific program modules may be available, which are released for the user account of the project manager (e.g. the module“ implicit methods”).
  • If the project is billed via prepaid licenses, the usage licenses are debited from the project management customer account during the survey.
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