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Copying a Survey

This chapter describes how to copy a survey (the questionnaire including the list of questions). This can be useful if you want to refer back to the old list of questions in a follow-up study.

Advice: Do not copy projects if you want to conduct the survey in multiple languages, with different target groups or with different stimuli. There are basic functions that can be used for these:

Duplicate Project

A survey is made up of different components:

  • Questionnaire incl. list of questions, text elements, labels and layouts
  • Files (e.g. uploaded images)
  • Collected data

When a project is copied, only the questionnaires and files (up to 1 MB) will be copied over. The collected data and other dynamic content (address list incl. mailings, a database for contents) will not be copied.

  1. Export the questionnaire under Survey ProjectProject SettingsDownload Project as XML file.
  2. You will receive the XML file as a download: save this onto your computer.
  3. Create a new project in My Account.
  4. Import the previously saved XML file in a new project under Survey ProjectProject SettingsImport Project or Questions.

Note: Before importing the download, check that you have logged into a new (empty) project. Be wary if you have to select the box “Okay, delete all previously collected survey data”.

Tip: Downloading the XML file does not serve as documentation of the questionnaire. Advice regarding this can be found in the chapter Tips on Documenting in Research Reports

Tip: If you only want to copy a layout or a few questions from one survey into another then you can download these elements as XML files and import these into another project; just like you would with a complete survey.

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