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void putList(string Question, array value, [boolean EachVariable])

With the function putList() you can store the values of an (one-dimensional) Array into an array of variables in the data set. The function runs equivalent to put() and valueList().

  • Question
    The identifier of the question of type “internal variable” (see below), in which the values are to be stored. The identifier is specified as a string in quotation marks, e.g. 'IV01'. In the question, at least as many variables have to be created as the array has elements.
  • values
    An array with numbers or texts (strings), which should be stored in variables.
  • EachVariable (optional)
    Usually putList saves only in internal variables. In exceptional cases it may be useful to overwrite the values of other question types. In this case a third parameter true can be specified.

Warning: Only use the third parameter EachVariable if you know exactly what you are doing. If you change the answering code you can overwrite the answers of the responents.

Internal Variables

Before putList() can be used, create a question of type Internal variables in the question catalog. In it you create at least as many variables (items) as the array element has that you want to save.

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