About the Pro Server s2survey.net

SoSci Survey GmbH operates a second server, s2survey.net, in addition to the central survey server www.soscisurvey.de. This was optimized to accommodate the needs of users working in business environments in their creation of professional online surveys.

  • Integrated Descriptive Analysis

    A module for the evaluation of the collected data is available on s2survey.net. Here, descriptive statistics for all questions appearing in the survey project are provided at the click of a button. The service further provides the option of including differentiated descriptive statistics for different groups of participants (Online Data Analysis). The user can also implement pre-defined quality criteria to filter the collected data, which allows for the exclusion of irrelevant responses when evaluating the results.

  • International Domains

    On s2survey.net you can choose between the international domains s2survey.net and s2survey.com, and the German domain s2survey.de. The choice of a domain can either communicate German data protection standards or international research.

  • Full White Label

    You can add an individual domain (second-level domain) or subdomain (third-level domain) to the survey server. Participants can then select an option and fill out the questionnaire accordingly under the corresponding domain. A one-time fee will be incurred for the connection and establishment of the SSL certificate (Prices).

  • Data Storage and Privacy

    The data collected from a survey project are automatically deleted if no one logs into the survey project for a specified period of time. When the survey exists on the www.soscisurvey.de domain, the deletion takes place after 3 months, on s2survey.net the survey will be deleted after 12 months.

    To compensate for this stipulation, the storage time permitted for encrypted backups (data backups) has been reduced to one month on s2survey.net and to 12 months on www.soscisurvey.de. If you delete data on s2survey.net, it is therefore ensured that all backup copies of this data will be destroyed after one month at its most recent access.

  • Highest Software Reliability

    On www.soscisurvey.de new functions are constantly being supplemented and, for example, are being tested in research projects with novel designs and survey methods. This usually takes place without any influence on current surveys - in exceptional cases, however, it may lead to minor modifications in the presentation or (very rarely) may cause disturbances. If you do not want to take this residual risk, we recommend that you use s2survey.net. On the pro server, new features will be installed after an extended trial period.

  • Consistent High Performance

    On www.soscisurvey.de a quick response time is guaranteed. The use of server s2survey.net is exclusively reserved for commercial surveys and is thus used for a significantly smaller number of survey projects. Therefore, s2survey.net guarantees an excellent response time regardless of whether a request comes during busy university lecture periods.

A Comparison of Our Survey Servers


Main Server


Central Cloud Server for SoSci Survey

Pro Server


Available for professional surveys, exclusively

Free for non‑commercial use yes no
Test the software for free yes no
Performance good very good
File storage 64 MB 250 MB
Download individual data (raw data) SPSS, GNU R, CSV (for Stata, Excel etc.) SPSS, GNU R, CSV (for Stata, Excel etc.)
Analysis: frequencies and averages per variable no yes
Accounting prepaid packages
based on the survey's extent (postpaid)
prepaid packages
(ordered per invoice)
Processing of personal data (according to GDPR) permitted no
(info and exceptions)
(DPA required)
Destruction of backups
(according to privacy requirements)
after 12 months after 1 month
Encrypted Transmission
(Administration and Survey)
Secure Site
Organization Validated (OV)
Server location Germany