Module: Implicit Methods

In addition to SoSci Survey’s regular functions, we offer the possibility to measure implicit settings directly in the questionnaire. By purchasing access to the module, a guide to the following topics is made available:

The measurement procedures correspond to the original publications on the respective techniques. The test procedures are automatically evaluated directly after they have been executed in the questionnaire to ensure that the test results are immediately available.

The test procedures are inserted into the questionnaire like a question, usually as the only "question" on a questionnaire page. This means that the test procedures can be used anywhere in the questionnaire and can be combined with pre-survey and follow-up survey questionnaires or placed dynamically as part of the survey’s experimental design.

Purchasing Access to the AddOn Module

The module providing instructions on how to collect implicit settings can be purchased in the SoSci Survey Shop and is valid for a period of 3 months. Appropriate test procedures can be set up and used in the questionnaire during the period of valid use. After the period of validity has expired, the test procedure in the questionnaire will be deactivated.

The additional module can be used in parallel in several questionnaires or survey projects (and, if necessary, with several questions per survey project). The prerequisite for this is that the user account under which the module was purchased be listed as the owner of the respective survey project.

Try it for Free

In the SoSci Survey Shop you can activate a free 7-day trial version for the "Implicit Methods" module. The trial version offers all the functions of the regular module.

Discount for Student Theses

For students wishing to use this feature to complete their thesis, an 80% discount on the regular price can be granted if the thesis is (a) not commissioned or in cooperation with a company and (b) is not being written in the context of a funded research project.

To get the discount, you have to contact us by e-mail before the booking tha package in the shop: Please contact let us know to what extent the conditions for the discount are met.

In this case, the invoice must be issued directly to the person who is writing the thesis. Use for other survey projects is not permitted.