Use of a Custom Domain

Instead of using the regular questionnaire link (, you can use a separate internet domain ( for survey projects using the pro server

Register a Domain

You can use a second-level domain ( as well as a third-level domain when creating your survey project (

If you want to use a second-level domain, the domain must first be registered. There are a number of providers, e.g. Domain Factory, namecheap, united domains, and viele andere. You only need the domain, a hosting/webspace is not necessary. A .com domain costs roughly 18€ per year.

If you want to use a subdomain (third-level domain) and already have the associated second-level domain, you do not need to re-register the third-level domain.

Setting the DNS Record

As a second step, an "A record" for the domain must be deposited. This ensures that the domain or subdomain refers to the survey server. The entry is usually created in the domain provider’s online portal under the "Domain Name Server" (DNS) setting.

The A record must refer to the IP address

If you want to use the second-level domain, remember that is not the same as

Settings in the Survey Project

In SoSci Survey please check the Project SettingsSpecialsNo access to higher-level directory. Save your changes.

Connecting the Domain

Adjustments to the survey server are necessary to ensure that the domain is directed to the correct survey project. One-time fees will be incurred for these adjustments (Pricing). To make these adjustments, the following information must be provided:

  • The regular link to the questionnaire
  • The domain or subdomain that should be applied to the survey project

SSL Encryption

For security and privacy reasons, our survey server only allows encrypted access (HTTPS/SSL). For this to work, an SSL certificate is required for each domain used. For your domain, we will create a free SSL certificate using Let's Encrypt ein.

If you would like another SSL certificate, please let us know. Please note that there will be an additional cost for receiving another SSL certificate and setting it up on the server.