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Data import in SPSS (manually from CSV)

This instruction describes the import of collected data, if it is downloaded in the format SPSS as CSV-file with option Normal Import from CSV-file.

Important: Genrally it is advised against this option – it should only be considered, if there are substantial reasons against all other options. Please read also Import of Data in SPSS (comfortable) respectively Import Data into SPSS (via CSV).

Note: This instruction was made for SPSS 10.5. In cases, other versions of the program SPSS utilize different terms for the specific settings.

Manual import of a CSV-File

  • In the dialog box in SPSS File, Open, Data the File type at All data (*.*) (below) must be changed and the downloaded CSV-file must be selected.
  • Confirm the file with Open.
  • The following dialogue is to be answered as such:
    • “Does the text file show a predefined format?” – “No” – Onward
    • “How are the variables organized?” – “With guide bar”
    • “Does the first row contain a variable name?” – “Yes” – Onward
  • There is no need to make changes on the following page
    • First case in row 2
    • Each row portrays one case
    • Import all cases
    • Onward
  • Now you have to specify the CSV-file format
    • “Which sign seperates the variables?” – select only “Tabulator”
    • “Which is the text identification mark?” – “Quotation mark” – Onward
    • Now adjust the right datatyp to all variables. For the most part, SPSS takes it over, but for stringvariables, which not always contain text (e.g. the option “Other”) SPSS can take the datatype “numeric” – the relevant text will then not be imported correctly. For those variables change the data format to “String” with 255 characters– “Onward”
    • If soon you want to repeat the reading of the same questionnaire, you can “Save data format for future use”.
    • With Finish the program starts to read the data in.

SPSS now imports the data, however neither variable- nor value- labes are going to be read in with this option.

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