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Import of Data in SPSS (comfortable)

This manual describes the import of survey data, if you have downloaded the data in SPSS format with the option complete-import from one file (Download Data: SPSS).


Usually a double-click on the SPS-File should start the SPSS/PAWS program and the file will be opened as syntax. In case SPSS causes you any trouble, try this:

  • start SPSS
  • FileOpenSyntax
  • select SPSS-file and click Open

You should be looking at a SPSS-window with a rather long syntax.

Now you should carry out the entire syntax as follows:

  • Select from the menu Carry outAll
  • or mark all lines (by clicking on the syntax window and pressing Strg+A)and click on the play button (black or green arrow).

SPSS will now import all data and labels, which could take some seconds. All variables with labels should now be visible in the SPSS-variable view, in the SPSS-data view is should only show your data in form of numerous numbers.

Problems: Old SPSS Version

Concerning the complete import, SPSS-versions before Version 17 have troubles with long answers. If in the following cases in the data set die values are listed in the wrong columns (Variables) after the import, one has work with SPSS Import via CSV File.

If the import does not work, please have a look at the SPSS-output. Let us know about your problem in the Support Board.

Problems: Missing Decimal Numbers

You may collect decimal values in your data set, e.g., using a text input with format “decimal number” or when a question like the Implicit association test (IAT) automatically computes results. Please note that, depending on the language, SPSS will expect a decimal point or a comma.

Should you miss data and SPSS gives an error like “An invalid numeric field has been found”, then please change the setting decimal mark in Collected DataDownload Data → tab SPSS and then download the data set once more.

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