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Import Data into SPSS (via CSV)

This instruction explains how data is imported into SPSS when downloaded via the option „normal data from csv-data“. You would have to download to datas in this case: the actual data (CSV-data) as well as the SPSS import syntax (SPS-data).

Important: If there is no real reason to import via CSV into SPSS, please import from only one data (Import Data into SPSS (comfortable)).

Note: The ascertained data has to be named according to the suggestion and placed on your hard drive (C:), so the import works. If you do not wish to do that, you would have to change the name of data in the syntax data.

opening the SPSS-Syntax

Normally a double click on the SPS-data should suffice to start the application SPSS/PAWS and open it as a syntax. If that is not the case, please do the following:

  • start SPSS
  • Data → Open → Syntax
  • choose SPS-Datei and open

In every case you should have a SPSS-window with the import-syntax.

If the csv-data is not saved on C:/, you have to change the data name in the row GET DATA accordingly.

Running SPSS syntax

Now execute the syntax as following:

  • Choose the menu → all
  • or mark all rows (easily via clicking the syntax-window and pushing control+A) and click the play-symbol (black or green arrow).

When the data name in the syntax was correct, SPSS now Imports all data and labels. All variables should appear in the view of variables and be completely labeled.

Problems with importing

If the import does not work out, please check the SPSS-output for error notes. If the following error note is shown, then SPSS could not find the according data on C:

>Error.  Command name: GET DATA
>(2269) Data cannot be opened : C:\data_project_2009-11-22.csv
>This command not executed.

In this case please copy/relocate the csv-data to C: or readjust the syntax accordingly.

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