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Share content in workgroups

You can share templates for questions, texts, sections, and layouts within a workgroup. This is especially useful if the same elements (e.g. the same questionnaire layout) are to be used by different people in different projects.

A workgroup defines a group of people who have access to a common pool of question and layout templates.

  • Notice: For the joint work on a survey project, please do not use working groups, but the Project release.
  • Hint: The templates of course also allow a single user to use the same elements (questions, layouts, …) several times in the same or different projects.

Define workgroups

To create a new workgroup, please switch to the user account and then select Manage workgroups in the navigation on the left.

Switch to user account

Enter a name for the workgroup and save it (Save).

Management of working groups

Initially, only your user account is a member of the workgroup. Under Add user to workgroupLogin, enter the login name of another user account to invite the user to the workgroup.

As the administrator of the newly created workgroup, you can define the permissions for each user. All users can use the templates shared in the workgroup. Adding new templates (share templates) must be explicitly enabled. If you give another user permission Administer/Workgroup, they can invite new users, exclude users from the workgroup, change permissions (including yours) and delete other users' templates.

The specified user now receives a message about the invitation. The name is grayed out until the invitation to the workgroup is accepted.

Invitation to a working group

In order to join the workgroup, the invited user must select the workgroup in the menu item Manage workgroups and confirm the accession.

Create and share templates

You can store questions and other content (texts, entire sections, layouts) as a template for the workgroup or for your own user account. To do this, select the function Allow or release as template above.

The function either appears as a separate symbol at the top or can be found under „More“.

Use this section as a template

Use question as template

Afterwards you can (should) specify some details about the template. The selection under Release for is important. By default, only the own user account is selected here, so that the template can be used elsewhere in the project or in other projects. Select the workgroup here.

Details on releasing a template

After confirmation, the new template will be available to all members of the working group. Depending on the type, the template will appear under New section, Add question or Questionnaire layouts. In all cases, the templates appear at the bottom of the page.

Using a Template from a Workgroup

Click Use to import the template into your survey project.

Changes to the original question do not change the template not. To share a new version of the template with the workgroup, call the function use as template or share again.

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