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Forms with Different Input Formats

Sometimes different information is to be collected in the style of a form. Open and closed questions can be combined in one table.

form with different input formats

Creation of Forms

The basis for such a form is a question “FM01” of the following type text input.

Input fields to answer open questions have to be be created directly in the question. Input fields for closed questions have to be created as separate questions to then be merged with the question by using a placeholder at its end (Placing input fields freely). The input fields of these items are replaced by a tilde (~) indicating their width.

input box for a form

In the input field for “age” the width was limited to 42 pixels. In the detail settings (Button: Bearbeiten) or in the selection panel to the left, it was specified that only numbers may be entered.

For the gender a question “FM02” with the question type selection was created. To save space, further adjustments were made so that the options to be selected from appear next to each other:

  • detail settingsselection options
    • Arrange in columns → “3 columns”
    • Minimum option width → “100 pixels”

For formal education in above example, a question of the type “FM03” was created dropdown selection.


Important: The questions “FM02” and “FM03” in Compose the Questionnaire do not have to be dragged into the survey page. The placeholders %input:FM02% and %input:FM03% in the input box will integrate them automatically.

Tip: If you activated “this question demands a complete answer” for “FM01”, this only applies to the input boxes for that question (first name, last name and age). The same option must be activated for formal education and gender in “FM02” and “FM03”.

Tip: Questions different from those used in the example can be used in similar forms.

Tip: Of course, such information can also be retrieved in separate questions. These instructions describe only one way to collect different data in a table without needing much room.

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