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Concatenating Questions

Sometimes SoSci Survey provides the input fields you need – unfortunately in different question types, though you need them in one question. In some cases it is sufficient to ask two questions with no space between them.

The first example shows a question of the type “text input” right underneath a question type “scale (fully labeled)”.

Concatenation questions - example 1

Example two shows three dropdown selections below each other.

Concatenation questions - example 2


Concatenating questions is rather simple. After creating seperate questions, go to Compose questionnaire, and place them underneath each other. Choose the display settings with the Einstellungen button. Set the spacing to the next question to “no spacing”. The second question was set not to show the title and the description.

Display settings for concatenating questions

Confirm this setting on the green tick.

The second example uses a small space of 5 pixels between the questions so the input fields are more distinct. The dropdown questions themselves were set to show the lead text and dropdown field “equal”.

Display settings for several concatenating questions

Question selection options

The same can be realized more clearly by using the following PHP-code:

question('CC04', 'spacing=4');  // Dropdown 1
question('CC05', 'show-title=no', 'show-explanation=no', 'spacing=4');  // Dropdown 2
question('CC06', 'show-title=no', 'show-explanation=no');  // Dropdown 3

Advice: When concatenating questions remember to adjust the widths of the different questions.

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