SoSci Survey – the Solution for Professional Online Questionnaires

You are looking for a professional solution to bring your survey online reliably and quickly? This is what SoSci Survey does. It's a white label solution, respecting the strict standards of German privacy law, and accessible questionnaires.

Fine, but your questionnaire is somewhat ambitious? Then SoSci Survey can really play to its strengths: Integration of images, audio and video files, freely programmable in-survey paths, fully customizable layouts, controlled randomization for scientific experiments, and a lot more.

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online questionnaire

Professional Software made in Germany

  • White label from logo to complete layout
  • More than 30 question types
  • Support of dynamic content
  • Freely programmable in-survey paths/filters
  • Integrated participant management
  • Support for mobile devices
High Tech made in Germany

Data Privacy and Accessibility

  • Survey server and operator in Germany (Munich)
  • Data protection in accordance with GDPR and BDSG
  • Accessible with screen readers
  • Fully SSL-encrypted data transmission
  • Encrypted daily backup
Data Privacy and Accessibility

Exzellent Online Support

  • Individual online support by qualified developers
  • Fast response times and professional support for demanding designs
  • Comprehensive online tutorial with full text search and numerous practical examples
Online Support

Good Prices and Ready to Go

Testing SoSci Survey is free at any time. Our rates for commercial usage start at 49 € plus tax. An installation is not required: SoSci Survey is a cloud service, you can create a questionnaire immediately after registration.

Pricing for Cloud Solution

Free for Non-Commercial Research

We provide SoSci Survey free of charge for scientific survey projects that are not carried out on behalf of or in cooperation with a company. Check online to see if you are authorized to use SoSci Survey free of charge.

Free Use