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Download e-mail distribution lists

The list of recipients for sending serial mails can be downloaded (.csv) via Invitation mailingsList of contactsManage adressesDownload Mailing List. CSV-datas can accessed via various applications for calculations (e.g. Excel, OpenOffice Calc, SPSS, …). The data is formatted in unicode.

Data rows

The following rows are always inserted, independant of there actually being information stored.

A potentially allocated serial number is not noted in the list, since the ascertained data would not be anonymous anymore.

  • EMAIL: mail address of recipient
  • PHONE: mobile phone number
  • FRSTNAME: first name
  • LASTNAME: last name
  • GENDER: gender of recipient (to determine correct form of address)
    • 1 male
    • 2 female
    • -1 not filled out
  • TITLE: title (e.g. academic title)
  • ALTSALUT: alternative form of address (e.g. „Dear Dr. Müller“). In case of specification the form of address in the cover letter will not be automatically generated from name, title and gender.
  • SERIAL: identification of participant (only present if recipient has not been imported anonymously)
  • SUBGROUP: sub group to which the recipient has been allocated
  • STATUS: status of participation
    • 0 The recipient has received neither an e-mail, nor a serial number.
    • 1 The recipient has received the link, although has not clicked on it yet.
    • 2 The recipient has visited the questionnaire.
    • 3 The recipient has completed the questionnaire. This code is only available if the access mode “Panel” has been specified for the questionnaire. For the mode “serial number”, a completed questionnaire has the status 2.
    • -1 The mail address was banned all across the server. (Robinson-Listing)
    • -2 An error has occured during sending. The mail was rejected with an error note (e.g. invalid mail address)
  • SENDDATE: date on which the serial mail with id was sent to participants (year-month-day)
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