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Wildcards in Mailings

In case you are sending mailings directly with oFb, you can use a couple of wildcards for personalisation purposes.

Important: When working with serial numbers, do not enter the link to the questionnaire manually; use the wildcard %link%.

Wildcard Description Notes/Requirements
%link% Link to the questionnaire including serial number The questionnaire can be selected below.
When using the HTML version it is useful to write:
<a href="%link%">Go to Questionnaire </a>
%salut% Title and name according to gender The form allows you to edit the title. The standard is “Dear Ms Surname” and “Dear Mr Surname”, respectively.
%serial% Serial number (included in %link%) In case email addresses have not been assigned serial numbers, this is done automatically when sending the emails.
%subgroup% Subgroup The subgroup (if existent) is inherited as specified in the panel data
%custom1% Customised field no. 1
%custom2% Customised field no. 2
%custom3% Customised field no. 3

Some wildcards are designed specifically for a personalised address. You can separately define the address for men, women and people of unknown gender when designing the email.

Wildcard Description Notes/Requirements
%formalname% Surname of the person including title
%title% Title, if existent
%title+% Title, if existent If a title exists, a space character is automatically added.
%firstname% First name, if known
%firstname+% First name, if known If the first name is known, a space character is automatically added.
%lastname% Surname, if known

In case you need to add information to your link (e.g. language or a reference), you can simply add this to the wildcard %link%:

Click here for the questionnaire:

You can also attach the serial number manually to the link – usually though it's easier to use the wildcard %link%.

Click here for the questionnaire:
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