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Import Mailing Times

SoSci Survey allows to import individual mailing times for sending serial mails from a table. So you can specify in a table exactly which person or which subgroup should receive which serial mail at which time.

Save such a table in CSV format and import the schedule under Send invitationsSerial mailsImport individual dispatch times.


The table must contain the following columns:

  • Mailing time – here different formats are possible, but a complete specification of date and time is recommended:
    • 01.01.2021 16:35:00
    • 2021-01-01 16:35:00
  • Serial Mail (ID) – the number of the serial mail to be sent

If no further information is given, then the serial mail will be sent to all address entries. At least one of the following additional columns is required for individual control:

  • Subgroup
  • Person ID (SERIAL)
  • Email Adress
  • Mobilenumber
  • Unique address identifier

Important: If a line contains more than one criteria, only address entries that meet all criteria will be used.


A corresponding table could look as follows:

Time Email Serial mail
31.05.21 14:00 1
31.05.21 14:20 2
31.05.21 14:40 1
31.05.21 15:00 2
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