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Initialisation of the Installation

  • Call the SoSci Survey directory in the browser – via HTTP or HTTPS: (http://www.domain.tld/sosci/). The URL is composed of domain and directory.
  • You should now see a notice that installation is required – follow the link.
    • Note: Die Installation (admin/install.php) können Sie alternativ direkt aufrufen (http://www.domain.tld/sosci/admin/install.php).
    • Note: When calling or in the course of the installation there may be longer waiting times (up to approx. 2 minutes). The installation then tests the database and server configuration.
  • The installation routine now wants to know the access data for the database server (database user) as well as some additional information from you. Please also take the hints of the installation routine for possible problems seriously.
    • Note: You can change or adjust all settings later.
    • Note: If you do not want unknown people to set up a survey project on your server, you should enter a login password in the settings.
    • Note: If nothing happens for a long time after specifying the database server and/or a blank page appears, the address of the database server is probably incorrect. The Windows server sometimes not accepts the entry “localhost” and instead expects the IP address Test the login information possibly with a tool like HeidiSQL.

Completion of the Installation

After successful installation you can log in as administrator. Sie sollten umgehend ein Passwort festlegen:

  • Log in at the adiministration login “admin”
  • Under Server-Management → “Server-Settings” you can make further settings for the server as required.

Now the installation is completed. From now on further useraccounts can be registrated and surveys can be created (User account and setup of survey).

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