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Data in SoSci Survey

SoSci Survey saves data in the file system and in a database. The tables further down on this page give an overview as to where which data will be saved.

  • The file system consists of the program itself, the configuration, uploaded files and temporary data. The latter includes cached questions, possibly survey data as well (Write Caching for Questionnaires).
  • Users, survey projects (incl. the List of Questions, questionnaires, text elements etc) are saved in the database, as well as collected data.

File System

The file system consists of program files, the configuration, as well as temporary files. All pathnames are relative to SoSci Survey's installation directory.

./There are no requirement files in the root directory of the installation. The .htaccess file ensures the index.html and index.php files will be checked when the directory is called up. index.html can be changed as desired or replaced. The -reach.php and -php.php files are used to check the web server function during installation.
admin/ PHP scripts which can be invoked in the project management directly
help/ Manual for SoSci Survey
images/ Images and other files (e.g. JavaScript, PHP script for diagrams) that are used in the questionnaire
inc/ Classes (PHP scripts) which are used in the project management and/or to display the questionnaire
files/2 Uploaded and shared files storage
protected/ Protected file storage (files uploaded by users)
share/ Shared files (resources shared by users for other users)
upload/ Files uploaded by respondents
layout/ Images and other files (z.B. JavaScript) for the project management
modules/ Modules used in SoSci Survey (question types and languages etc.)
plugins/ Plugins for SoSci Survey
emff/1 EMFF (Easy Musicplayer For Flash) to display mp3 files in the questionnaire (optional)
FAQhere/1 FAQhere to include frequently asked questions (optional)
reCaptcha/1 PHP module for reCaptcha to use a captcha in the questionnaire (optional)
trashmail/1 List(s) of email addresses that were blocked during registering (optional)
system/2 Installation configuration (config.php) and other files that are modified when SoSci Survey is in use
archive/ Archived projects (XML files)
cache/ Project cache files: a cache is created for each project in order to reduce the number of times the database is accessed (these files can easily be deleted)
logfiles/ Log files for program errors, usage statistics, changes to user data etc.
session/ System temporary files that occur when project managers sign in (these files can be deleted, but by doing so all project managers will be logged out)
temp/ User temporary files that occur when questions are uploaded or when files are downloaded (older files can easily be deleted here)
templates/ Templates for layouts and question packets that can be used in SoSci Survey
view/2 Temporary files that can be used directly in the questionnaire – notably CSS spreadsheets, dynamically generated diagrams in the future
*/ Every survey project has its own project directory in which images and other project files can be stored, alongside an automatically created index.php. The project manager can choose any name and modify it. There is a function in the server maintenance that can recover project directories that have been accidentally deleted (but not deleted images/files), and delete abandoned project directories.

1This directory is only available as an option.
2This directory will only be created by the installation routine.


Depending on the set prefix, the dat base tables can be called something else than specified below. Text files in the table are saved in UTF-8 encoding by default.

faq_*2 Plugins FAQhere database tables, if used to display frequently asked questions
sosci_activities Prepared user activities, e.g. email address confirmation or resetting the user password
sosci_authorisations User authorizations for survey projects
sosci_click Visitor counter for survey projects (click for the questionnaire)
sosci_contacts Email addresses collected separately from other data
sosci_interviews Data collected in the questionnaires
sosci_items Items and options for questions
sosci_layouts Questionnaire layouts for projects
sosci_membership Allocation of users to workgroups
sosci_messages User messages sent within SoSci Survey
sosci_projects Survey projects
sosci_questionnaires Composition of questionnaires
sosci_questions Questions in the List of Questions
sosci_receivers Recipients of email distribution within projects
sosci_sections Sections in the List of Questions
sosci_serials Authorization codes for use in projects
sosci_texts Text elements and customized texts
sosci_urns Ballots in urns for evenly spread random selection
sosci_users User accounts
sosci_variables Allocation of questions and items to variables
sosci_workgroup Workgroups that can be split within their templates

2These tables are only available as an option.

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