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Free text inputs within a selection

You may need a open text input field below a multiple choice question.

Multiple choice question with free text input field

Note: The option for an added input field is only available for the question types Selection (visible or dropdown) and Multiple Choice. It is not available for Extended Selection (for technical reasons) or for skales, where the input fields almost always leads to methodical problems. If you nevertheless want to use an open input field in an extended selection, scale or elsewhere in the questionnaire, you will find appropriate instructions in the chapter place open input fields freely.

Simply Activate open Input Fields

If you enter three underscores in the text of a selection option (___), SoSci Survey automatically activates the input field for the selection option. The imput field gets a stadardized width, which can be edited if reqired (see below).

Other: ___
More than 2 years
Betwessn 2 and 4 years
Longer: ___ years

Note: Per selection is only one input field possible.

Note: Between text and underlines have to be spaces.

Tip: The underscores are recognized both in Add/Edit items and in Import items directly.

Adjust or Remove Input Field

To activate, adjust or delete the input field, select the corresponding selection option in the List of Questions or use the edit icon (Edit) next to the selection option in the question.

Activate or deactivate the option “Show input field for text” for tihs item. If you activated the input field also define the width of the input field. The input field in the example above has a width of 120 px.

Note: Do not enter a heigh of the input field, unless you want it to be multilined. Geben Sie keine Höhe für das Eingabefeld ein, es sei denn, Sie wünschen explizit ein mehrzeiliges Eingabefeld. Note that multiline input fields display a vertical scroll bar in some browsers.

Tip: If the respondant should only write numbers enter Defined characters (e.g. “Number” or “Decimal number (2 decimal places, and thousand mark)”). This saves a lot of unnecessary effort in the evaluation.

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