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 +====== User account and setup of survey ======
-      Asymmetry between the left and right legs is indicative to define the preferred/dominant leg and the non-preferred/non-preferred leg. Previous studies have reported that the preferred leg is not consistent, but changeable. Which test is the best for classify that asymmetry is unclear. Moreover, asymmetry between legs is also reported as one of intrinsic risk factors for the lower limb injury that may occur from the self-preferential used. +Before launching a survey with oFb you need to install user account to set up survey project. 
-     Thus, a survey study conducted in large population may fill gap of these pointsIn this study, we would like to explore the relationships between the leg preference and lower limb injuryYour answer is very helpful+ 
 +**Tip:** You only have to register onceFurther projects can be set up with your existing user account.
 ===== Setup of a survey project ===== ===== Setup of a survey project =====
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