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Privacy Mode for Address Entries

If you import email addresses for Serial mail dispatch into the address list or collect them using Opt-In for mailing list, you have the choice between 4 data protection modes:

Auswahl des Datenschutzmodus unter Adressen importieren

  • Personal
    In this case, a person identifier (SERIAL) is displayed both in the data record and in the address list, which allows a unique reference between the e-mail address and the data record.
  • Pseudonymous
    Here, the participant is assigned a unique personal identifier, but as a project manager you do not have access to it. SoSci Survey holds the assignment fiduciary (i.e. does not give it out unless the project manager explicitly asks for it), so the project manager cannot make a direct link between email addresses and data records.
  • Anonymisation upon completion
    This mode corresponds to the “Pseudonym” mode – but the assignment of the record to an address entry is deleted when the interview is completed (reaching the last page in the questionnaire). In the process, the value of the variable SERIAL is also changed to ~anonymous.
  • Anonymous
    In this case, the reference between the data record or participation link and the address entry is not saved at all. In this mode, an assignment between address entry and data record is not possible.

The data protection modes come with different advantages and restrictions:

Functionality Anonymous Anonymisation upon completion Pseudonymous Personal
Participation status in the address list nicht möglich möglich möglich möglich
Reminder e-mail to defaulting participants nicht möglich möglich möglich möglich
SERIAL or retrieve participant data in the interview using panelData() nicht möglich möglich möglich möglich
Interview at two points in time with Unterbrecherseite (Only one questionnaire/data set) and mailResume() nicht möglich möglich möglich möglich
Allocation of data sets in multi-wave surveys (several data sets) nicht möglich nicht möglich möglich möglich
Address reference can be restored post-hoc (by the server operator) nicht möglich nicht möglich (1) möglich nicht zutreffend
Address reference directly visible nicht möglich nicht möglich nicht möglich möglich

Note (1): If a server backup was created between the sending of a serial mail and the completion of the questionnaire, a reconstruction of the assignment based on the database backups is possible.

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