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Deleting Pretest data

SoSci Survey records every time the questionnaire is accessed - irrespective of whether this happened during field time or whether a filter was being tested. When accessing the questionnaire from the user interface (using the green or yellow arrow), this is recorded in the data set in the variable MODE.

Tip: After launching the survey, the pretest data is removed from the data set by default when downloading the data (this can be customised in the settings when downloading the data set). It is therefore not imperative to delete the pretest data before launching the survey.

Tip: Enter their case numbers (CASE, view under Collected DataView Data) under Collected DataSelect Criteria for Valid CasesExclude Cases, e.g., 1-120, 135, 189.

Delete Data

To delete the pretest data, click Collected DataDelete All Data.

Important: When deleting the pretest data, existing comments from the pretests are also deleted. In case your pretesters made comments directly within the questionnaire, download and save these before deleting the pretest data.

Important: In case you want to save the data from the pretest, download them by clicking on Collected DataDownload Data.

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