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Copy SoSci Survey on Webserver

Unpack the SoSci Survey installation package and cpy the files in the register that was intened for this purpose on the server.

The following examples assume that you install SoSci Survey on the server www.domain.tld in the subdirectory or alias /sosci. So therfore the URL of the surver is http://www.domain.tld/sosci/. Please replace the domain with the correct one and the directory with your installation directory. For example, if you are accessing the local computer, the correct URL is something like (on the local computer, an IP address is usually used instead of the domain name).

First test if you reach SoSci Survey via intranet or internet. Therefore open the URL http://www.domain.tld/sosci/admin/-reach.php in your internetbrowser. The hyphen (-) is important. If the webserver is correctly reachable now “reach” is written in the browserwindow.

Following there are several problems described. If necessary, please read also the explanation on preparation of the server II (Apache) or preparation of the server II (Microsoft IIS).

  • If the browser loads for a long time and then displays a blank page or a timeout, either the web server has not been started yet, the domain name is not correct (note that new domains are only accessible after a few hours) or the server is not accessible (e.g. because the firewall blocks the connection).
  • If you get an error message “404 not found” (or similar), the specified directory is not correct or the installation directory is not in the path for web documents or no alias was defined. Check for sure also again if the domain/IP-adress is correct.
  • If you get an error message “permission denied” (or similar) the directory is not released for the access from the internet. In this case the documentation of the webserver helps.
  • If you see HTML code your webserver delivers the file as text file an not as HTML. In this case the MIME settings of the webserver for PHP files have to be corrected.

Now check if the PHP scripts are correct processed. Therefore call the URL http://www.domain.tld/sosci/admin/-php.php in your i nternet browser. Now php should be displayed in your browser.

  • If “failed” or further code appears, PHP files are not yet passed on to the PHP interpreter, but are delivered directly by the web server. In this case te webserver has to be configurated correctly.
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