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Complete Survey Project

Important: When your survey is done, please download the data directly (Download Data). Also you should download a second copy as CSV-file and create a back on a CD. Before you start working with the data, we recommend to make a copy (just in case, anythng goes wrong during analyses).

Internet-address of the survey

The link of the survey is still valid: After the survey (survey projectproject setting) is finished there is only a message, which shows that the survey is finished and not available anymore since [date], instead of the survey. You can adjust the text under text elements and labels.

If you want, that nothing is shown anymore under the URL (and search engines delete the link out of there index), you can archieve the project under My accountprojects.


Attention: On archiving the collected data is going to be deleted. The is no way to undone this step! The survey will be archived for the case you need it again. Please be aware to download all the data before you archive.

Important: The survey server will archive the survey project after a defined part of time. Please be aware to save a copy of the collected data on CD.

Advice: Before you archive you can download the survey project as a XML-file under survey projectproject settings. You can also download separate sections as a XML-file to use those in different surveys: To do so please click on the section in your Fragenkatalog and use the download symbol on the top. After archiving you can download the survey project directly in your user account as a XML-file.

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