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Data import in OpenOffice

This chapter describes how to import the data into OpenOffice Calc, when you download the data in CSV format with standard settings (Download the data: CSV).

Note: Please note that Open Office and Excel can only import up to 255 variables in older versions! Other variables are truncated. If necessary, use a current version.

Note: This description refers to OpenOffice version 3.1. Other versions may use other names.

open File

Normally you can open the CSV file directly within OpenOffice by double-clicking or using the context menu (Shift + right-click, ​​Open with ). Alternatively you first open OpenOffice Calc and open the file there:

  • Start OpenOffice Calc
  • File Open
  • Change the file type into “Text CSV (*.csv,*.txt)”
  • Select the CSV file that you downloaded in OFB → Open

OpenOffice now displays a dialog to specify the CSV format. There, you usually only need to change the delimiter from comma to tab.

  • Select at character set the “Unicode” option (without further addition)
  • Set the data format Separated , TAB and as text separators the double quotation mark (").
  • Important: Remove the check mark in the separator comma if it is set.
  • Important: If your OpenOffice version offers an option “values ​​in quotation marks as text” you clear the check mark there.
  • If the preview below looks right, click OK .

Import-Dialog in OpenOffice Calc

Tip: If you download the data have the option “Unicode support for non-Western European languages ​​(UTF-16LE)” disabled, set the character set “Western Europe (ASCII / U.S.)” and as the delimiter semicolon .

Tip: Usually the column types are correctly identified as numbers and strings. If Individual columns should cause problems, you can select this column in the dialog (“fields” below) and set the column type manually.

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