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Line 212: Line 212:
 if (!isset($blocks)) { if (!isset($blocks)) {
   // define list of pages   // define list of pages
-  $pages = array('​B1Start-B1End','​B2Start-B2End','​B3Start-B3End'​);​+  $blocks ​= array('​B1Start-B1End','​B2Start-B2End','​B3Start-B3End'​);​
   // shuffle list   // shuffle list
-  shuffle($pages);+  shuffle($blocks);
   // add page where the questionnaire continues   // add page where the questionnaire continues
-  $pages[] = '​SD';​+  $blocks[] = '​SD';​
   // cache page order to prevent changes later on   // cache page order to prevent changes later on
-  registerVariable('​pages'​);+  registerVariable($blocks);
 } }
 </​code>​ </​code>​
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