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 </code> </code>
-The PHP function ''[[:en:create:functions:prepare_input|prepare_input()]]'' is used place input fields freely. The chapter [[:en:create:inputs-single|Placing Input Fields Freely]] describes the use of placeholders in this case. +In addition, there are some predefined placeholders (see belowand the possibility to [[:en:create:inputs-single|freely place input fields]] (from other questions) using placeholders .
 ===== Placeholders and Filters ===== ===== Placeholders and Filters =====
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 ^Placeholder^Description^Variable in Data^PHP Function^ ^Placeholder^Description^Variable in Data^PHP Function^
 +|''%caseLanguage%''| Ongoing Questionaire Language [Language-Code] |LANGUAGE|''[[:en:create:functions:getlanguage]]''|
 |''%caseNumber%''|Ongoing Questionnaire Number|CASE|''[[:en:create:functions:casenumber|caseNumber()]]''| |''%caseNumber%''|Ongoing Questionnaire Number|CASE|''[[:en:create:functions:casenumber|caseNumber()]]''|
 |''%caseSerial%''|Questionnaire Authorization Code |SERIAL|''[[:en:create:functions:caseserial|caseSerial()]]''| |''%caseSerial%''|Questionnaire Authorization Code |SERIAL|''[[:en:create:functions:caseserial|caseSerial()]]''|
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