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 </code> </code>
-The PHP function ''[[:en:create:functions:prepare_input|prepare_input()]]'' is used place input fields freely. The chapter [[:en:create:inputs-single|Placing Input Fields Freely]] describes the use of placeholders in this case. +In addition, there are some predefined placeholders (see belowand the possibility to [[:en:create:inputs-single|freely place input fields]] (from other questions) using placeholders .
 ===== Placeholders and Filters ===== ===== Placeholders and Filters =====
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 ^Placeholder^Description^Variable in Data^PHP Function^ ^Placeholder^Description^Variable in Data^PHP Function^
 +|''%caseLanguage%''| Ongoing Questionaire Language [Language-Code] |LANGUAGE|''[[:en:create:functions:getlanguage]]''|
 |''%caseNumber%''|Ongoing Questionnaire Number|CASE|''[[:en:create:functions:casenumber|caseNumber()]]''| |''%caseNumber%''|Ongoing Questionnaire Number|CASE|''[[:en:create:functions:casenumber|caseNumber()]]''|
 |''%caseSerial%''|Questionnaire Authorization Code |SERIAL|''[[:en:create:functions:caseserial|caseSerial()]]''| |''%caseSerial%''|Questionnaire Authorization Code |SERIAL|''[[:en:create:functions:caseserial|caseSerial()]]''|
 |''%caseToken%''|Internal Questionnaire ID|-|''[[:en:create:functions:casetoken|caseToken()]]''| |''%caseToken%''|Internal Questionnaire ID|-|''[[:en:create:functions:casetoken|caseToken()]]''|
 |''%reference%''|Reference Given to the Questionnaire|REF|''[[:en:create:functions:reference|reference()]]''| |''%reference%''|Reference Given to the Questionnaire|REF|''[[:en:create:functions:reference|reference()]]''|
 +''%pageNumber.abs%'' as long as no ''[[:en:create:functions:gotopage]]'' is used to jump to another page and a question or other content was displayed there.|||
 +|''%pageNumber.rel%''|Number of the current page counted since the beginning of the interview (not compatible with ''[[:en:create:functions:gotoquestionnaire]]'', ''[[:create:functions:multileveldown]]'' and the function **Collected Data** -> **Restart an Interview Case**)|||
 +The following placeholders are available in some (not yet all) error messages, which can be customized under **Text Elements and Labels**. If the affected question has no number, the placeholder is left blank (removed).
 +|''%q.desc%''|Description of the question(s) concerned|question 1|questions 2,3|
 +|''%(q.desc)%''|Description in brackets|(question 1)|(questions 2,3)|
 +|''%q.list%''|Number of the question(s) concerned|1|2,3|
-The following placeholders are available within an item or option (e.g., in the item text).+The following placeholders are available within an item or option (e.g., in the item text). The numbering helps, e.g., to give randomly rotated options continuous numbers.
-^Placeholder^Description^ +^Placeholder^Description^Example
-|''%i.num%''|Number of the item within the question (numeric)| +|''%i.n.%''|Position of the item within the question plus point and blank|1. | 
-|''%i.anum%''|Number of the item within the question (lower case character)| +|''%i.a)%''|Position of the item (lower case letter) plus bracket|a) | 
-|''%i.cnt%''|Number of items within the question|+|''%i.num%''|Position of the item (numeric)|1| 
 +|''%i.num.a%''|Position of the item (lower case letter)|a| 
 +|''%i.num.A%''|Position of the item (upper case letter)|A
 +|''%i.cnt%''|Number of items within the question|5|
 The following placeholders are designated for use exclusively in the HTML template of a layout.  The following placeholders are designated for use exclusively in the HTML template of a layout. 
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