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-====== prepare_input() ====== 
-''void **prepare_input**(string //ID//, [string //options//])'' 
-By using ''prepare_input()'', you can put a text input field, a drop-down selection, a normal selection field, or a multiple-choice selection field in another question or in a text element.  
-  * //ID//\\ The ID of the question (for the drop-down selection) or the items, which should be shown elsewhere. 
-  * //options//\\ If the ID of a drop-down selection was given as the first parameter, a list of options (item numbers) may be given as the second parameter, in case the order is altered or not all options should be offered for selection. 
-The use of this function is described in detail in the chapter [[:en:create:inputs-single|Placing Input Fields Freely]].  
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