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 +====== multiLevelDown() ======
 +''void **multiLevelDown**(string //FragebogenKennung//, [mixed //Daten//])''
 +The function ''multiLevelDown()'' starts the questionnaire with the //ID// and transports eventually named //data// to the subordinated questionnaire.
 +When the user closes the subordinated questionnaire (reaching the last page or through  ''[[:de:create:functions:multilevelreturn]]''), he returns to the main questionaire, in which  ''multiLevelDown()'' was used.
 +  * //questionnaire ID//\\ ID of the questionnaire that should be opened.
 +  * //data//\\ data, which should optionally be transported to the subordinated questionnaire and there be able to be opened through''[[:de:create:functions:multileveldata]]''
 +The usage of this function is explained in the chapter [[:de:create:multilevel]] -> [[:de:create:multilevel#echtes_multi-level_design|Echtes Multi-Level-Design]] .
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