Pricing – Questionnaire on

Testing the software SoSci Survey
and its features (test projects)
for test use
→ Downlading of data limited
Academic research
without commercial background
(no advertising)
→ no more than 5000 records
University seminars and private surveys free
(advertising at the end)
→ no more than 5000 records
Regular survey depends on size
(see table)
Online Survey
Charges per
survey project
valid as of 07/2016
No. of records*
up to
up to
up to
up to
Questionnaire size**
(Variables in dataset)
(up to 25 variables)
0 € 25 €
(21.01 €
+ sales tax)
40 €
(33.61 €
+ sales tax)
80 €
(67.23 €
+ sales tax)
(up to 75 variables)
0 € 40 €
(33.61 €
+ sales tax)
70 €
(58.82 €
+ sales tax)
140 €
(117.65 €
+ sales tax)
(> 75 variables)
0 € 55 €
(46.22 €
+ sales tax)
100 €
(84.03 €
+ sales tax)
220 €
(184.87 €
+ sales tax)
Add-on module for IAT/BIAT
(reduction for final theses see below)
178.50 € for 3 months
(150.00 € + sales tax)

Important: Free surveys will be charged if they are not used according to the terms of use. This is because improper use causes large amounts of unnecessary work for us. Fees  Terms of use

Accounting procedure: Few days after data collection has been finished, you receive an invoice by email (or a printed copy, if preferred). If your invoice shall contain specific details (e.g. a booking or a project code), please specify this information in the booking references before billing.

* Counted are the downloaded interviews. Cases gathered when creating the questionnaire or when prestesting are not credited. If you expect more than 5000 participants, please get in contact by email. email

** The volume of the questionnaire is calculated by the variables in the dataset. One variable is, for example, one simple selection question or one text input field of a text input question. For multiple choice questions, a variable corresponds to an option, for scale selections, a variable corresponds to an item. You can always see the variable count by going to Survey ProjectCosts/Billing

Pricing – Licence for Your Own Web Server

A licene needs to be purchased only if you want to use the SoSci Survey software on your own server. System Requirements

For using, you don't need to purchase a license. For the pricing of this service, see the list at the top.

Annual License
The server license is valid for 12 months starting with the purchase date. There are no additional costs per project.
620 €
(521,01 €
plus sales tax)
Reduced Annual License
Charity organizations receive a reduced annual license. Those may not be used for surveys by order of third parties.
300 €
(252,10 €
plus sales tax)
Campus License for non-commercial surveys
Universities and public colleges are granted a free license. Those must not be used for surveys with a commercial background.
Add-on automated data export (annual license)
Time triggered data export for collected data into CSV-file or project specific MySQL-dataset-table.
+60 €
(50,42 €
plus sales tax)

All licenses include software updates. The licenses do not allow for further sales (e.g. Rental of your server to third parties or rental of your software) When buying a license you will receive a license key which allows you to download the software package in the download area. Download Area

Even when using the software on your own server, support will still be available at If you experience problems when installing the software, we will support you by telephone and email. For further support, e.g. telephone support for creating questionnaires or staff training, we are happy to write you an offer. When calling us, remember that SoSci Survey is based in Germany, so there might be a difference in time zones.

Universities may receive a free license to use SoSci Survey for non-commercial purposes. Campus Licence

Penalty fees

Reactivating a blocked account
Accounts that have wrong details will be blocked.
10 € penalty fee²
Restoring data that was accidentialy deleted.
Backups are made every day at about 02:00 am UTC (no guarantee). Data that was collected between the last backup and the deletion, cannot be restored.
60 € penalty fee²

² As we don't want to profit from "hidden" fees, but need to avoid the misuse of SoSci Survey, the fees should be paid to a non-profit-orgainzation of your choice.

Send us the photograph or scan of the receipt per mail. The date of the receipt must not be older than 14 days. Accepted are donations to an aid agency or an open-source-project. E-Mail

Aid agencys and donation platforms

Testing (free)

To test all features of SoSci Survey, register a test project.

Test projects are only restricted regarding downloading collected data: Only few records are available for download.

You may convert a test project into another category at any time.

Free Use without Advertising

SoSci Survey GmbH subsidizes academic research that does not involve a company, research by governmental institutions and by charity institutions. Subsidization is available for non-commercial projects only. It means that such projects may use the service on for free.

Please remember that the SoSci Survey GmbH is only able to provide free server capacity and support for academic research, as long as companies who benefit from our services pay their part.

Important: If a company is a study's purchaser or cooperation partner, this generally is commercial use (including costs). This is also true for theses - except the case that a company only supports the study, does not pay for the results, and does not receive any service in return (e.g., special analyses for the company). Thesis for a Company

The operation of the server and the development of the software cost a large amount of time and money. Confident users are invited to help hands-on with the development. Contribute to SoSci Survey

In case of abusing our free use, we may immediatly lock down the survey and/or initiate appropriate legal proceedings (compensation).

The proper use of the services on is free for...

1. Non-commercial academic research

Scientific projects in college or university that do not involve a company.

Most theses and final papers (e.g., bachelor, master, PhD thesis) belong to this category, as long as no company is involved. Thesis for a Company

Sometimes we are asked: "Can I run my academic survey for free?" We assume commercial use, if one or more of the subsequent criteria are met:

  • You do the survey in your function as employee of a company (the study is part of your operating activities).
  • A company pays for the survey to be done or for the results, or it grants advantages of monetary value in return.
  • The study is done under contract from a company or within a cooperation project with one or more companies (see notice above).
  • A company defines the research question or introduces questions.
  • A company gets exclusive results, charts, or presenations, that are not published in the same way. We assume that final theses without blocking notice will be publicly available (i.e., published) at least from the local library.

2. Charity Research

Surveys without purpose to make profits performed by (a) an approved non-profit-organization or (b) a non-paid person acting by order of one without being paid (e.g. for a bachelor thesis).

A profit making purpose is, for example, if the survey is conducted for an external client or with the intent to sell the outcome.

3. Governmental Institutions

Surveys conducted by public administration or by means of a public educational institution (this includes a survey by a school's parents' council) as long there is no intent to make any profit.

Free Use with Advertising

The services on may be used for free when doing seminars at university, or private polls among friends.

The SoSci Survey GmbH may show advertising at the end of such a questionnaire.

1. University (non-research) Seminars

A project at school, college or university that is made to excercise (a) the use of the software or (b) data ascertainment.

2. Private Poll among Friends

A survey done in private circles for personal reasons with no profit-making intent. Be aware, SoSci Survey might be oversized for those means. Alternatives to SoSci Survey

Thesis for a Company

In case a scientific final paper is made in cooperation with a company (e.g. if the company provides research questions) or a company receives exclusive outcome, the survey is considered commercial and as such it is charged. This is also the case, if the student is not being paid for development, realization or evaluation of the study.

SoSci Survey wants to support scientific research, not the exploitation of students. Some few companies do use final papers of students to obtain free studies and similar free services. We think, if a company profits from a research, it is only fair to pay at least the expenses. In addition to that, most companies show their appreciation with a financial reward for the student.

If a company supports the research (e.g. providing adresses of staff or clients for the survey) but does not influence the study deign and has no exclusive access to the outcome, the study is not considered commercial.

Add-on module IAT/BIAT

To include an Implicit Association Test (IAT) in your survey, we offer a specialized add-on module for SoSci Survey. After booking the module, new question types for IAT and BIAT are available in your survey projects on for a period of 3 months. The module includes the test assessment with all necessary statistical values. Details about the module

For student final theses that (a) do not involve a company and (b) are not part of a funded research project, we offer a reduction of 80 % on the regular price.




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