Campus License

Universities and colleges can obtain a free campus license to run SoSci Survey on an university server. Technically a campus license is the same as the regular one-year-license One-year-license.

Please note: To conduct surveys on SoSci Surveys own website ( you do not need a campus license. A license is only necessary if you want to run the SoSci Survey software on your own local server.


  • Each University or college can obtain only one campus license.
  • The license does not include commercial surveys. All surveys conducted under a campus license must have a non-commercial background. A "commercial background" includes surveys that are commissioned by or created in cooperation with a profit-oriented company.

    If your survey has a commercial background, please consider using the service on or a regular one-year-license (fee required). You can always change a campus license to a full license with no installation process required. Even better, you can reverse the upgrade again later, once the commercial project is completed.

  • Since we allow only one campus license per university or college, the applicant is required to install the software in a way that other members of the same institution are able to gain unrestricted access to it. Especially the applicant must be able to provide a long-term acessibility and technical support for members of your institution. We would recommend a close collaboration with your IT-Department.
  • The local installation must especially be available for teaching.
  • SoSci Survey reserves the right to list the institution and the contact information of the contact person (including the e-mail-adress) on its own website or to provide this information to others.
  • The campus license is an obligingness. There is no legal right to receive a campus license.
  • The campus license may be withdrawn at any time.

Apply for an campus license

Please send an informal e-mail containing the following information to

  • (Work-) Adress of the responsible applicant.
  • Contact person for administrative enquiries, especially for other members and students of your university or college (including e-mail-adress).
  • Contact person for technical enquiries (including e-mail). This person will be contacted about software updates.

Acedemic license: Terms and Conditionsq

The SoSci Survey Software is copyright protected. The campus license permits the use of the software under the following conditions. The campus license will be provided to a university or a similar institution (the licensee) by SoSci Survey (the licensor) at no cost. The license may be withdrawn at any times.

Upon providing a campus license the licensor permits the licensee: (1) the installation of the software on a server that belongs to the instituition of the licensee and (2) the intended use of the software to conduct non-commercial online surveys.

The installation running under a campus license must not be used for surveys with a commercial background. A commercial background includes the commission by or the cooperation with a profit-oriented company. An exclusively publicly funded project is not considered commercial.

Any other use of the software is not allowed. The software must not be shared with third parties and access must not be provided for parties outside the institution of the licensee. (E.g. it is not allowed to rent out the server for third partie's surveys).

Author and distributor of the software are not liable for the proper function of the software. Neither are they liable for damage done through the usage of the software or through errors in it, insofar as an exclusion of liability is legally admissable.




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