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together with your class, course, family or friends you dealt with themes such as climate change, nature conservation, biodiversity, traditional techniques and practices or alternative economic concepts in the Alpine Space. Now, you are all part of "YOUrALPS". The project's goal is to ensure that all people in the Alpine Space maintain a high quality of life.

In order to find out what you think about various aspects concerning the Alps, we ask you to fill out this questionnaire thoroughly and alone. Your anonymity is ensured, your answers are used only for research purposes and will not be passed on, neither to your teachers nor parents). It will take you about 10-15 to fill out the questionnaire. Take your time and read the questions precisely!

At the end of the survey period, all participants have the chance to win the ultimate prize!

Thank your very much for your participation!

The team of Innsbruck University and all project partners of YOUrALPS