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1. Introduction

Dear EFTA members, systemic friends and colleagues

we want to invite you to support us as Research Committee of EFTA to develop an overview of systemic research activities in Europe by answering that questionnaire – and also spread it to colleagues.

The EFTA Research Committee is an elected body of EFTA that comprises of Nevena Calovska (Serbia), Lucie Hornová (Czech Republic), Matthias Ochs (Germany, chair) Viola Sallay (Hungary), Joana Sequeira (Portugal)

We will process the data by ensuring privacy.

If you want to get regular information from the RC please send us your email:


EFTA is a multilingual association! Also we want to ask for understanding, that we are doing that survey in english language – also, because it is the language of the scientific committee...
But it is of course possible, that you do the answers in your native language and we will translate...

Prof. Dr. Matthias Ochs – 2023