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Welcome to the Decision Simulation Study

The Decision Simulation study exposes you you to a collection of business situations. After each one you will be presented with a document for you to approve or reject. You will be asked to provide a justification for approving or rejecting the document either just before or just after making your decision. Each simulation begins with the description of your role in the situation. For example, you might be a product manager at a company or perhaps an accounting supervisor. You will then see a set of short business documents relevant to the decision to be made, for example:

  • Short emails
  • Sales orders
  • Prices lists

The last thing you will see is the final document for your decision. The simulations will begin tomorrow.

Today you will need to answer a few demographic questions and several other brief sets of questions. On average the questions today will take about 15 minutes but there are no time limits. Feel free to take your time. There are no right or wrong answers in this study and many of the questions are not strictly required. We just want to know what YOU think. Remember that you can quit this study anytime you would like to without any consequences except for the loss of study compensation.

The entire study will take place over the course of just over two weeks. You will do one simulation per day for each of the next 8 days and one more simulation in 15 days. After 15 days, you will be able to print a payment voucher to turn in for your compensation.

You will earn at least $1.00 + up to an additional $9.00 depending on your answers in the simulations. You may exit the experiment at anytime but you will only be paid if you complete all the elements of the study.

All information gathered in the study is confidential and will not be connected to any of your personally identifiable information. We gathered your email address for notification purposes only. It will be stored separately from your experimental data and will be deleted when the study is complete

For more information or questions, please contact: Clark Warner, Manning School of Business, University of Massachusetts Lowell